CIM Marathon Week!

It’s marathon week! Ah! It’s strange because it doesn’t seem like marathon week at all. In the past 2 years when it’s been 2 weeks out from the marathon, I’ve been so ready for taper. I’ve enjoyed the buildup, the workouts, the whole process, but when taper came, I was SO READY. This time, I’m feeling like I don’t really deserve down weeks. But, it’s marathon week and it’s definitely time to relax.

Here is my long run recap from the past 3 weeks. After my peak long run of 21 miles, I followed up the next Sunday with 12 miles (as part of a warmup, 6k XC race, and cooldown), then this past Sunday I did 10.5. I was going to do 12 again, but being with family for Thanksgiving, I cut it down a little. I figured it didn’t really matter what I did, so might as well do what felt convenient.

This week I’ve taken it super easy. 5 miles every day. 5 miles on the treadmill tonight, with 3x half mile pickups. I didn’t know the pace because I’m not versed in mph-to-min/mile-conversions, but it felt super comfortable. Which it should, since it was only 1.5 miles of faster running. So my workout this week is completed.

treadmill dreadmill

The treadmill is usually the dreadmill for me. It was actually ok today.

As a side note, I usually despise the treadmill. Today it was rather enjoyable. I give credit to 4 things. 1) I told myself it was going to be the WORST. RUN. EVER. The low expectations set the treadmill up for success! 2) Katie always writes about making treadmill workouts more enjoyable by switching up the pace. I did that and it made the time fly. Thanks Katie! 3) Molly has been doing lots of treadmill runs and is also on the 7 week marathon training plan. I thought of her and the 4am runs she’s done this training cycle. 4) Michele has been doing lots of treadmill running, especially with a toddler and newborn baby at home. She fits in the runs when she can and has been getting after some solid runs and a speedy time trial 5k. Definitely motivating!

So back to this week’s training. Tomorrow will be 4-5 miles, Friday will be a travel day and I may or may not do a few miles when I arrive in Sacramento. Saturday will be 2-3 miles easy. And on Sunday, this 7 week experiment will come to a close.

Seattle marathon 2004

Jeff and me before our first marathon, Seattle 2004. I can’t figure out how to make the picture bigger!

I’m so excited! I’m also 1% terrified. 99% of me thinks this is probably the coolest thing I can do to end 2012. I keep thinking of how I was injured in 2004 when I ran my first marathon (hit by a car while running). I was training heavy in the weight room, but only running 3 days a week. I finished with a BQ, 3:25. What will I do this time? I really can’t wait to find out!

Positive thoughts for me this weekend, please! Thanks buddies!


21 thoughts on “CIM Marathon Week!

  1. I’m running CIM, too, and I’m FREAKING out about the weather that’s being predicted for Sunday! Have you ever run a marathon in rain and wind? I’ve done a super stormy 10k and a half, but 26.2 in that weather…yikes! Either way I’m sure you’ll have a kick a** race! :)

    • I haven’t run a marathon in rain and wind! I need to plan what I’m going to wear in case the “flooding rains” become reality. I think the weather will give us a good story to tell if nothing else!

  2. You were HIT BY A CAR during the 2004 Seattle Marathon???? What the heck? At what point on the course? PS- That was my first half! It was slow. I was hit by nothing. 😉

    • Oops, wasn’t too clear about that one. I was hit by a car in June of that year, raced Seattle Marathon in November. :) The only thing I had to dodge during the race was when the marathoners met up with the half marathon walkers on the course!

  3. Good luck this weekend Jen!

    I run on the treadmill everyday. It is my favorite place to run. You can run intervals, at incline and at decline. So many options to use. I never get bored.

  4. No doubt you will have a great race! I’ve had some of my best races this year with no expectations… and ran times I never expected I would run. Safe travels and enjoy ending the season on a fun note!! Very excited for you!

  5. If you’re only 1% terrified, I think you’re right where you need to be, mentally. 😉
    You keep commenting that you’re not at your peak fitness, which may be true. However, your recent races have produced some excellent results. This marathon is yours for the taking.
    Kick butt and have a great race!! So excited to hear how amazing you perform.

    • Thanks J! Yes, I am surprised to be in such great shape for the shorter distances. It’s encouraging and I’m excited to see how it translates to the marathon. :)

  6. We have had identical weeks. And tomorrow I travel, Sat. I will do 2-3.

    I know the talent you have and you are going to rock it, no doubt. So after you’ve finished, showered, had lunch and dinner, wave hi to me as I cross the finish line!

    Good luck!!

  7. So glad the treadmill run went well for you. Good luck this weekend, and I’ll be thinking of you and everyone else running CIM during my race on Sunday! 1% terrified, I love it, I think that’s a good race day motto!

  8. Glad you gave the treadmill a chance!!:) I have had some of my best runs on the treadmill, but I do try to balance out the speedwork between the road and the treadmill, I start to get anxious about treadmill speedwork, like I’m not really working as hard?!
    Sending LOTS of speedy happy thoughts your way this weekend – not that you need them!;) you are going to rock this race, can’t wait to hear all about it!!
    Own that race, friend!:)

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