Happy New Year! My Exciting Night

Happy New Year! Did you know that I’m a twin? Yep! See below. My twin sister was in town to help me make a “12” out of our bodies to signify our last run in the year 2012. We wore matching outfits and everything. Aren’t we cute?

Just kidding! That’s just 2 different pictures of me, stitched together to show how much snow we had on my last run in 2012. I went 4 miles and it was around my neighborhood since the streets are decently plowed. Now that I look at the pics, I know I could have made a better “2” by swinging my left hand over my head and extending the right hand along my waist. Oh well, you live and learn right? I will resolve to do that better in 2013. Must start planning 2013 body shaping now! :)

My NYE was spent doing all sorts of exciting things… like grocery shopping, hanging out with Currie, bathing, reading Cooking Light, checking out some blogs. Are you jealous?

cooking light, jan/feb 2013

Actually, the shopping part was strange. Currie and I went to Wegmans (our local grocery store) to get salmon, contact solution, and butter. I’ve never seen the store so busy and we had to park far away. Not a problem for us, but I worried about the madhouse we were about to enter.

We went straight to the contact solutions and my brand was sold out. Darn. We headed over to the seafood counter and passed by the kids club cookie bin. Currie had her heart set on a cookie-they were out. We walked to the bakery to ask for one. They said we needed to go to the bread section. Just as we started walking away, a random woman told me she had 2 boxes of chocolate chip cookies and we could just take one of hers. SO KIND! That just warmed my heart! We thanked her and moved along to seafood.

Apparently everyone eats seafood on NYE and the section was packed. I scanned the items for wild caught salmon but only found farm raised. I settled on wild caught cod instead. Just as I was deciding how much to buy, the store went BLACK. It was freaky. Everything was still, quiet, eerie. Within a few seconds, a dim backup lighting system came on and we were able to see again. But, we couldn’t get our seafood because the scales weren’t working. I thought maybe they could just estimate, but they didn’t agree so I figured we weren’t meant to have seafood. We paid for our butter and left. What a weird night at Wegmans!

I started 2013 with a 6 mile treadmill run. It was torture, but it was my only option. I watched Sesame Street with Currie while running. I started at 7mph and cut down to 9mph (but only did that for the last quarter mile). I probably shouldn’t have chugged 2 strong cups of coffee immediately before stepping on the treadmill because I was feeling a little barfy towards the end. Still, I survived a run on the treadmill, so that’s a positive!

Happy 2013 everyone!


11 thoughts on “Happy New Year! My Exciting Night

    • Thanks Paulette! I think the top (and vest on top in same color) are Oiselle winter 2010. I really like them. The same thing came in a dark gray color and I wear it all the time still too!

  1. You had me going there with the twin photo! Glad you survived your dreadmill run; I hate it when it snows so much that it becomes the only option. Happy 2013!

  2. I found your blog recently and love following! I am glad to read that I am not the only one running on the treadmill to Sesame Street (or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood–I have a almost-two-year-old). I like to think of it as an added challenge :)

    • Thanks Becky and thanks for commenting! :) My daughter LOVES Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood too! I had her watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood a few weeks ago and she kept telling me all the things that were wrong with it (“that’s not what so-and-so looks like on Daniel Tiger!”). Looking forward to chatting with you! Happy New Year!

      • Hah! Hannah would do the same. I think it’s a great show! Daniel is a great example–I am forever saying, “Brush your teeth like Daniel!” “Zip up your jacket like Daniel!”

  3. I was in Rochester for the holidays visiting my family and ended up having to do an 11 mile run on a treadmill because of all the snow. It was AWFUL and I hope to never have to do that again! No fun at all…

    Happy New Year!

  4. I LOVE snow, so I am always jealous when I start hearing about the first flurries of the year. But when I see and read this, it makes me realize how annoying it can also be! Bummer for being stuck on a treadmill, but kudos for getting it done!

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