Not Your Average Craving

I’m coming up on 36 weeks pregnant!

35 weeks pregnant

Hotel pic before moving into our house a few days ago!

I was shopping at Trader Joes last night, stocking our new house with some essentials, and the cashier mentioned something about “baby’s cravings”. I smiled and said something like “yeah” just to get out of there quicker, but I’ve been lucky both pregnancies – I’ve had no food cravings. Sure, I’m hungry constantly, think the worst runger during marathon training, and feel like I’m always reaching for something, but it’s never the case where I JUST HAVE TO HAVE THIS CERTAIN FOOD RIGHT NOW!

mochi ice cream

Mochi, one of the things I like to buy at Trader Joes anytime, not a craving. :)

However, there is something I’m REALLY CRAVING, like I need it so badly and think about it ALL THE TIME – a good lung burn. The kind of lung burn I need is the kind that really only comes from a good speed session on the track. Even if I wanted to do real workouts during pregnancy, my body breaks down long before my lungs. After my pregnancy speed experiment, my body was sore for days. If I am running at a faster pace, say going downhill or I’m just feeling good that day, I start getting round ligament pain almost immediately and have to slow down. My lungs are missing that feeling they have known for so long. I get my heart rate up in my new neighborhood because it’s very hilly. I’m always running up or down! I just can’t get that amazing burn that comes from really fast running and I miss it so much!

Getting that lung burn during a 5k!

Pain face in my pain place!

Luckily, I have just about 4 weeks until Baby Boy Bigham arrives! I’m so excited to meet the little guy, snuggle him like crazy, and to get running fast again when my body starts to recover from giving birth! I had the hospital tour on Wednesday. I wouldn’t have gone again, but this is a new hospital in a new city and thought it would be good to know where to go on the big day!

We hung toward the back of the tour pack so we could take some photos without feeling silly. :) I just received my newest Oiselle Feather Hoodie and loved it so much I forced it to fit over the belly!

I’m a sweaty mess, but had to include this close up because the hoodie is that beautiful!

I’m still running shorter distances (2-3 miles for the most part) daily, walking quite a bit and trying to get our new house ready before the baby comes. I had a few tired days last week, but my energy is mostly back so hopefully I can keep up with running/walking/house prepping right up until my baby arrives! We shall see. I’m taking it day-by-day.


8 thoughts on “Not Your Average Craving

  1. You never cease to amaze me, always going going going. Glad you are moved into the house, I am sure that’s a big relief. Love the new hoodie (and I SPY Saucony Kinvaras!!!!). Can’t wait to see baby Bigham!!

  2. I am so impressed your ability to keep on running. I know the baby is going to be adorable and you’ll continue to make a great mom. I can’t wait to follow your training post baby as well :)

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