Wells — the Birth Story

Wells Philip was born on September 27th at 12:11pm. He is such a sweet little guy! We love him to pieces and are all doing well! I wanted to record what happened before I forget… because I had to go through this labor alone and it all went so quickly…

The day started off like any other day. I woke up, Jeff and I walked Currie to school and sipped on coffee at a local spot, I tweeted up a storm, and then I went for a run. I stopped to take a picture of the Great Race sign half a mile from my house, took a few more steps and my water broke right under the start banner!

great race pittsburgh start line

I took this picture with my iPhone literally SECONDS before my water broke!

I stood there, laughed, then realized I needed to start making some calls – Jeff, my in-laws who were on Currie watch duty and had a 3 hour drive, my parents who were to be in delivery room with me and Jeff and had a 5 hour drive, Currie’s school saying we would pick her up early, and my OB office saying we were on our way to the hospital. It was 10:15am.

I also laughed because I realized I had to get trucking home. I wasn’t having contractions until my water broke, but they were coming fast and furious once it did. THANK GOODNESS I was wearing my Roga Shorts, specifically in black. When your water breaks, you don’t really want to be in public. If you are, you want to be wearing performance gear. I think the water breaking was unrecognizable to others around me thanks to the Rogas! The “water” dribbled right down and off the shorts (no big apparent wet spot, whew!)

Super classy pic of me standing on bidet after arriving home, happy that no one could see a big wet area on my shorts! Too bad you can’t tell in this picture anyway.

Back view!

Nobody answered on the first call, but fortunately Jeff, my mom, and Jeff’s mom all called me back in a couple of minutes and said they were on their way.

My contractions started to get really intense and really close together once I was home. I took a shower, and Jeff arrived. We picked Currie up at school, and then got to the hospital at around 11:25am. At this point, we weren’t really rushing, but I had a feeling this labor was going to be much quicker than my previous one. I couldn’t talk through my contractions and they seemed to be coming one on top of the other. Currie was trying to tell me all about her day but I was unable to carry on the conversation without heavy breathing and moaning.

Waiting at registration, breathing through a contraction. Currie is most likely texting someone…

By the time we pulled into the hospital, it was clear that we should valet park the car. The lady at reception was really slow. When I finally got admitted, they found (TMI ALERT!) I was already 9 centimeters dilated!  They realized what I already knew — I was giving birth NOW!  They rushed me to the labor room, and Wells was born with only 3 pushes at 12:11pm.

In real time, it all happened so fast that we weren’t able to find anyone to watch Currie, so I had to go through labor without Jeff, all by myself! Fortunately, a friend of his came to watch Currie so Jeff got in the delivery room just after Wells was born. (Big thanks to Niki Kittur!)

It felt much longer… my goal all along was to try for a natural birth with no drugs, but when I got to the hospital I definitely wanted drugs! (I had “planned” a natural birth for Currie, but had an epidural after not progressing without it. Labor with her was 35 hours! This time I had an open mind… I think all moms are super rockstars no mater how they deliver and I knew I wanted to try no drugs, but was open to anything.) The pain with Wells was the most intense that I could imagine, and then it got worse. I was so close to delivery when I arrived that they weren’t able to give me anything — not even time enough to put in an IV, which they always want to do in case I would need it for another reason. I was going all natural no matter what at this point. Fortunately, it was over very quickly and I was really lucky.

Not even two hours after my water broke on my run, I was holding Wells up against my chest. The experience was crazy, but ended perfectly :)

Happy to have Jeff and Currie in the delivery room within 10 minutes after Wells was born!

53 thoughts on “Wells — the Birth Story

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love birth stories. My first with Sophie was similar to your experience with Currie – epidural, took FOREVER – and with Aaron it was quick and epidural-less (and hands down the most painful and intense experience of my life!). Hadn’t really planned it either way – just had an open mind. (They were trying to induce me and I wasn’t really going anywhere until my water broke. After that, he was born 90 minutes later!) I’m so glad things went well for you and that your family was there with you! Congrats!

    • Thanks Amy! Yes, I am glad to have both labor experiences. Both wonderful in their own way, both horribly painful in their own way too! :)

  2. Ohhhh I love reading this… I’m sorry you had to go through it alone but you are incredibly strong and I am super happy Jeff and Currie were able to be in there so soon after the fact. You have a beautiful family! I can’t wait to see you at some point- going to have to plan something!

    • Yes, we have to plan something! I am considering a few races in ROC next year, most likely Bergen! Also, you should come run Pittsburgh half or full!

    • Thanks Steph! Yes, I barely had time to process what was going on! I think I prefer it that way! Get it over and done. Not that we have a choice. 😉

  3. Holy cow this is a birth story for the record books. Congrats on a beautiful and fast delivery and major kudos to going all natural (regardless if you had the option or not). I’m sure Baby Wells will appreciate the fact that he came in a solid two hours once he is older. He is beautiful and I bet Currie is super stoked to be a big sis. Congrats to your whole family!

    • Thanks Nicole! You know, it was so perfect, and not what I had planned! Actually, I daydreamed about my water breaking while running but didn’t think it would actually happen!

  4. Wow, wow, wow, wow!! So happy for you! Thank you for sharing your birth story with us. I think it’s a sign that your water broke under the start sign; you have a future speedster on your hands :) I adore how tough you are about not having Jeff in the room either. Lots of women would have whined about it, but you sound like such an easy going trooper. Your family picture with you in the hospital bed is gorgeous, you are all glowing with happiness!! Congrats!

    • Thank you Kris! I knew Jeff was out there wanting to be with me, and I also knew he was keeping Currie happy and calm and that gave me comfort! Also, it was kind of cool that I got to cut the umbilical cord myself. HAHA!

  5. It is said the more active you are during pregnancy the easier the labor. That’s why drs say drink lots of water and be as active as possible. You have a beautiful family Jen congrats

  6. I was literally sobbing this morning I was so happy for you. (Ha am I a creep or what?). I’m glad the birth went very smoothly and so quick! That is the honestly the fastest birth I’ve ever heard. I swear Oiselle clothing is a life savor.

    Your family photos are too cute. I hope you make Christmas cards and I hope I get one.

  7. Mazel tov!!!! I can’t believe how quickly this all happened, that is really incredible. LOVE that the Rogas were so useful (Oiselle should advertise them as run/water-breaking shorts). Wells is adorable and I am so happy for you and your family.

    • Thanks Dori!! I know, I never dreamed I’d have a speedy labor but I appreciate it now! Yes, the rogas were super useful! I knew that from rainy races and other things and this was the ultimate test. 😉

    • I know, Raine. There was never a time where I was really scared I wouldn’t make it to the hospital, but I did wonder if I would make it to the delivery room! :)

  8. My eater broke on an exercise ball for #2 and I had her 40 minutes later! Same deal. My labor was over 2 days long with number 1 and I too had to give in and get the epi after stalling. Funny! For future reference #3was text book 12 hours :) anyway, enough about me! Congrats to you Jeff and currie! What an awesome birth, perfect little guy and happy happy family! So happy for you all!!!

  9. Go, Jen, go!!! This is so exciting!!! Congratulations on your new addition! Your birth story gets me so pumped for labor, haha! Seriously! I know it’s probably naive of me to say, since I’ve never been through it, but I kind of have a “bring it on” attitude when it comes to giving birth. I’m so happy that everything went smoothly for you and that you had the perfect shorts. I’ve never worn Oiselle gear, but I might have to give it a try. :) Congrats again, and I look forward to running with you someday!

    • Suzanne! I think the “bring it on” attitude is a great one to have! I remember feeling all sorts of emotions, but I definitely hit a point close to my due date (with Currie) where I was like, “uh oh, do I REALLY have to give birth to this baby?” haha. I got really scared about labor! But then it was all ok and I wanted to have a lot more kids based on how wonderful it all was. I hope you keep your great attitude and I’m sure your labor (and return to running!) will be great!!

  10. Congratulations! What a great story. Sounds like he’s going to be one little guy who doesn’t like waiting around! And I think I would have had a hard time not snapping at the slow lady at the reception desk. You’re a trooper!

    • Thanks Dana! I wanted to snap at so many people in the hospital during labor. Then afterward I was so glad I just kept my mouth shut. Probably would have made a fool of myself (though they really should be quicker, especially when they can tell I’m having contractions one on top of the other!)

  11. Wow! That is an incredible story!! Faster labor I’ve ever read about…and I love that it all started underneath a start banner while you were out on a run. I’m sorry Jeff wasn’t able to be in the delivery room with you but as others have said, you seemed to have handled the whole situation so well. I don’t know if I will be beyond terrified or relieved if I have a labor so short when my time comes (though, let’s be honest, for a first-timer I think it’s very unlikely.) Congratulations on your new little speedster! I hope you’re recovering and the family is doing well!

    • Thanks Lauren! The quick labor was scary just because it was unexpected, but it REALLY is the way to go! Not that you can choose! :) Yes, usually first timers take a little longer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a wonderful labor experience for you! No matter what, you will love the end result!!

  12. I’m late to respond here but I absolutely love this post! I had no idea you were out on a run when your water broke! Love this post (and you guys! xo)

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