Two Treadmill Tips

Wells is 4 months old today!


Siblings after bathtime!

Siblings after bathtime!

I’ve spent most of the last week on the treadmill (I know I’m not alone here!). I’m getting more used to it the more I do it, but still strongly prefer running outside.

My main problems with the treadmill are:

  • It’s boring
  • It makes my hips and feet ache
  • It’s in my attic and it’s really hot up there
  • Distractions like household duties and kids make it really easy to stop much earlier than I would outside when it’s just me and the trail.

My main problems with running in snow + bitter cold:

  • Muscles get a little tweaked from being unstable every step I take
  • Wearing a million layers makes me feel heavy and slow
  • Wearing something over my face makes it hard to breathe, but not wearing something isn’t an option when it’s -15 degrees!
  • Doesn’t feel safe running by roads where cars are slipping and sliding

My great things about the treadmill:

  • I have one at home and can essentially do it at any time (as long as I get one kid sleeping and the other occupied and it’s not too close or far from my last meal!)
  • Being hot in the attic means I run in a sports bra and undies = a LOT less laundry!
  • I can watch something on the iPad to make the miles pass a little faster

I’ve tried everything to enjoy the treadmill more… talked to so many runners, read articles and blog posts, but it never really got easier. I just feel unnatural and like I’m sprinting the whole time, even when I’m running much slower than I’d run outside. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I’m moving my legs fast but not getting anywhere. When I’m running, I really connect nature + my body + my mind and when I’m on the ‘mill, it feels artificial… missing that triad. But, I’m thankful for the treadmill and have been determined to enjoy it a little more, especially with this crazy winter we’ve had so far!

Finally, some advice from my brothers and Oiselle teammate Heidi got me on the right track. My brothers basically told me to run as easy as I want to start, and just keep speeding up every so often. Maybe every 1/4 mile, maybe every 1/2 mile, whatever keeps me actively participating. They also mentioned that I should play video games while running. (HA, but seriously they said that! My older brother studied on the treadmill during medical school! I don’t know how he did it, but he did!)

Then, I was reading a blog post from Heidi and she just wrote a little blurb about how she loves watching the news on the treadmill. I’ve tried it before and haven’t liked it so much. But, then I remembered that my celebrity crush since 1998, Carson Daly, started on the Today Show and I knew he could probably pull me through at least a run. I downloaded the Today Show app on the iPad since we don’t have a tv by the treadmill and that first run was so wonderful! Carson didn’t disappoint. He had me laughing out loud and before I knew it my run was over. I like how that particular app has news snippets that are 1-4 minutes long, some serious, some lighthearted, some just plain kooky. I never know what’s coming next and that makes it interesting. I also like to speed up one increment with each news story. I even did a little tempo run on the treadmill last week, but that was the only speedwork that happened.

I’ve had 2 weeks in a row over 50 miles and I’m trying to stay there. I hope to get outside for a few more runs this week. We shall see!

Here are the 4 month pics! (Wells turned 17 weeks old on Friday, he’s exactly 4 months old today)! Took the pics at 9pm so I couldn’t use my regular location, Wells’ bedroom, since he was in bed. So here are some real life, end of day & feeling the bloat, racing kit photos for you:

4 months postpartum!

4 months postpartum!

 Questions for you:

What is your greatest treadmill running tip?!

Who’s your celeb crush?!



13 thoughts on “Two Treadmill Tips

  1. I reactivated my Netflix account and have been watching Scandal. Such a great show and makes running on the treadmill so much more enjoyable since there are no commercials. Training for my first Pgh Half (2nd Half ever)!

    • I’m considering PGH half too!! Yes, I love having no commercials but have to be careful about what shows I watch. Suspense makes me anxious and uncomfortable! Comedies usually work ok for me too!

  2. I don’t mind the treadmill at all. I’m kind of like you (in probably more ways then you would like) that I would rather run on the treadmill then slip and fall outdoors. I would definitely say that keeping yourself engaged on the thing is important.

    I’ve also found it’s kept me very honest about the pace I should be going. I can’t just slog miles out anymore.

  3. I too find the treadmill very boring. I have basically been using It for tempo runs and intervals… If I have to do my long run I break It down into 15 minute sections and once I hit the 15 minute mark then I start my next 15… Instead of counting down hours i am counting down 15 minute intervals while still running for hours.. Seems stupid but it works for me.

  4. I’ve been watching Breaking Bad on the TM when running and I limit myself to ONLY watching it while I’m running. Definitely makes the motivation better! I also bought a fitbit so I’m more determined to get my step goal for the day (therefore run longer on the TM!). Last winter I ran outside much more than I have this year, but we weren’t experiencing negative temps!

  5. Oh my, Wells is just so darn cute! Those pics are adorable!

    I’ll tell you what, after reading what you said, I’m going to hope my foot pain is just from running on the treadmill all last week. I haven’t ran outside since our 12 miler the Sunday before last, and I’m definitely not used to the TM.

    Props to you for doing so many miles on it!

    My celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth. Hot.

  6. No way you just had a baby!!! (How often do you hear that?! I am sure a lot, you look amazing).

    My treadmill secret is basically the same as your brother told you! If I keep tweaking the pace, it keeps me from boredom. That being said, I rarely do more than 6 miles on the treadmill, and 10 being my longest treadmill run. That is serious progress though. 2 years ago 4 miles on the treadmill was a struggle! If I had one at my house (which we are highly considering), I would never have thought to run in only undies!!! But I totally will now.

  7. I’m always amazed by people who say they think the treadmill is easier than running outdoors. How?! It does take some getting used to, and I think it helps to vary the pace (or just completely cover the display with something and distract yourself). I didn’t know Carson Daly was on the Today show! I’ll have to check that out!

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