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I don’t spend time on organized strength training. I get my strength from natural daily activities like push mowing our large lawn in the summer, pushing my 2-year-old in the jogging stroller or carrying her around, heavy lifting around the house, etc.

mom posing with jogging stroller

My normal strength training includes pushing 2-year-old plus lots of books, toys, water, and healthy snacks on rough trails.

However, I was inspired by a fellow Oiselle Team member on twitter a few days ago, and I did pushups! I did 20-15-10-5 and it felt pretty good. I felt like I probably could have done 5 extra reps on each set, but wanted to take it easy my first time doing pushups in years! Will this become a weekly occurrence?

Do you follow an organized strength training routine or spend your extra workout time on your running?


11 thoughts on “Strength Training

  1. For years, I didn’t do anything besides run. Then when I started losing weight, I added some core exercises after finishing my run. Now after finishing running, I work out to a Jillian Michaels DVD.

    I really like the Jillian DVD series. It is so much easier to follow a DVD to exercise instead of coming up with a routine on the fly.

    • I am amazed at all the running you do and you still get in your strength training! Inspirational! It really motivates me Deloris! I’ve heard good things about the Jillian DVDs.

  2. I barely have time to fit in runs, yet alone strength training!! :) Once school is out for the summer, I will have more time to dedicate towards some upper body work. Yoga is also a great strengthener for arms and shoulders.

    • Oh, great point, Tracy! Yoga really works the upper body and seems to align and stretch my lower body so I have less aches and pains. I’ve been really bad about going lately. In 2011, I did downward dog every day and felt like it helped me in so many ways. I’ve fallen off course lately with the yoga.

    • It’s great that you do some core and keep up with your PT stuff! Lots of people stop with the PT as soon as they are done with appointments!

  3. I love doing a CoreFlow based yoga! Its time consuming, but great on days when I’m not running as far or need a day off from running. Otherwise, I haven’t done a sit up or touched the weight-room in nearly a year!

  4. A couple years ago I strength trained 2-x a week alternating w/ my running routine. I never got injured back then and was working for a fitness expert. When I moved back to Cleveland I got out of the habit and started focusing more on running. Now I’ve been injured 3x. I started looking back at this thinking there maybe some correlation so I started strength training 2x a week for the past 2 months. We’ll see if it helps :)

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