Time to Get Serious

2011 was an awesome year of racing for me. I believe I ran 17 races (including 2 marathons and 2 half marathons), and won 12 of them. I got PRs in almost every distance and I never felt a sign of burnout or injury. I had the negative Cleveland Marathon experience, but I immediately began training for the Columbus Marathon and was able to push it out of my mind for awhile. My fitness kept improving and I was able to get my 5k PR  of 16:40 at the USATF Niagara 5k Championships in Bergen, NY.

running fast at bergen road race

Racing to a PR in Bergen

A few months later I had another disappointing marathon experience in Columbus and that’s where my running took a negative turn. I have not been able to get my mojo back. I haven’t lost my love for running, but I definitely lost my love for fast workouts. The workouts that once got me excited and kept my running interesting filled me with dread and negative thoughts.

I decided it was time to take a few months of easy running, no workouts unless I got the urge, and just occasional races to ride out my previous year’s fitness as long as possible. A few months turned into 6 months, and I found myself feeling like 2011 happened a lifetime ago. My current trip to Ohio has come with some soul searching and I feel that it’s finally time to stop feeling sorry for myself and my situation and time to get tough again.

Last night I went out to feel like my old self again. I went to my high school track (though it is in a different location than when I lived here) and set out to do 5 sets of 5×200. I ran the 2 miles there with my flats in hand, at 7pm when it was still near 80 degrees just to find there was a football scrimmage going on and I couldn’t get on the track. I was really disappointed, ran back to my parents’ house and dropped off my flats, then finished my “10k a day“. I decided right then I was going to get up at 5am this morning and get after my workout at 6am.

When my dad woke me up at 5:40am I was feeling full from last night’s indulgences, exhausted from a sleepless toddler, and unmotivated for a track workout. However, I forced down a peanut butter sandwich and a half cup of coffee plus a large water and was out the door by 6am. On my warmup I was sluggish and groggy but I kept a positive attitude. I witnessed a beautiful sunrise and made it to the track before a single car arrived at the school. It was 50 degrees, clear skies, and little wind. I nailed that workout like I’d never stopped. The whole process brought tears to my eyes. I truly got a little weepy on my last 200, knowing I’d completed an entire workout, faster than expected, and felt good the whole time.

colored coordinated running clothes

Matchy-matchy at its finest! Oiselle apparel + New Balance shoes!

I came home to a supportive dad who didn’t complain even though my late return (7:15am) made him a little late for work, a sleeping daughter and mom, and a feeling that anything might be possible.

8 thoughts on “Time to Get Serious

  1. Good for you Jen! Missin’ ya but glad to read that you’ve got that mojo back. Also, I happy you posted the outfit picture. Sometimes my best motivation is cute running gear.

  2. Way to go, Jen! I think sometimes breaks in anything are good (helps you reset and recharge both physically and mentally). I’m sure you’ll be back winning races in no time.

    LOVE the yellow top — is that new?! I have those same flats, too.

    • Thanks Meggie! Yes, top is new… maybe Fall 2012? I hope they are making it in every color. I would wear it every day. So soft, cozy, and super stylish. I couldn’t wear it running at least the first 5 times I wore it because I was afraid I would ruin it and I love the way it looks with jeans. Finally got over that and wear it running and regular life now.

  3. 6 weeks of training and you’ll be back to your pr self! Sounds like the rest from regimented training really recharged you and you’re ready to hit it hard. Can’t wait to follow along and live vicariously through you this year!

  4. Sometimes I think we all need a break… I’m there right now. My marathon training cycle was the pits and I think I just need time to reflect and recharge. Looking forward to seeing you continue your success on the roads… you are still off to a great start even though not your fastest times! Any races you are focusing on?

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